It’s always a pleasure to call and reorder my stockings, the girl is always nice to speak to, pulls my last order up fast makes sure every aspect of the address, size and charges are correct. I have your phone number on my frig. I guess I will be a long time customer of yours, thanks again.
Anna Johnson

Diabetic Socks Sensitive Feet

Diabetic Socks Sensitive Feet

Diabetic Socks aid to Anti-Microbial Protection, Moisture Management, and Reduces Foot Uclerations and Infections for Diabetics with Sensitive Feet.

Venosan SilverLine Diabetic (Crew-Sock) 8 mmHgVenosan SilverLine Diabetic (Crew-Sock) 8 mmHgAt last a scientifially designed diabetic socks for sensitive feet, with the magic of silver anti microbial protection to reduce bacterial fungal infections.
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