It’s always a pleasure to call and reorder my stockings, the girl is always nice to speak to, pulls my last order up fast makes sure every aspect of the address, size and charges are correct. I have your phone number on my frig. I guess I will be a long time customer of yours, thanks again.
Anna Johnson

Short Length Support Stocking

Short-Length Stocking:

Our (short-length) Knee-High Stockings are designed to fit a leg Length 14 - 16 inches...measuring from the heel to 1-inch below bend of knee. Any measurement over 16-inches is considered a (regular length).


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AW Sheer Support Hosiery AW Signature Sheers® Collection (Similar to the leading brand) AW Microfiber Opaque Collection
Sheer "light-weight" Stockings
"Open-Toe" Stockings The Natural Men's
 Compression Socks

Anti-Embolism and Hospital Style Stockings  Anti-Embolism and Hospital Style Stockings
The Natural "light-weight"
2-Way Stretch   Sm-XXXL

CoolMax Athletic Knee-Sock  
The Natural "light-weight"
2-Way Stretch  Sm-XXXL

Travel Socks & Accessories Travel Socks & Accessories
Opaque  (UNISEX)
  Sm- XXXL
"Open-Toe" Stockings Opaque  (UNISEX)
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