“It’s always a pleasure  to call and reorder my stockings, the girl is always nice to speak to, pulls my last order up fast makes sure every aspect of the address, size and charges are correct. I have your phone number on my frig. I guess I will be a long time customer of yours, thanks again.”
Anna Johnson

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Venosan UltraLine (WIDE-Calf) Knee-High 20-30 & 30-40mmHg

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Venosan UltraLine (WIDE-Calf)  Knee-High  20-30 & 30-40mmHg
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We call this  "The Cadillac" of our Compression Stockings. 20-30mmHg & 30-40mmHg

UltraLine...is KNOWN for:
• Tactel® Micro and Multisoft yarns (60 Times Thinner than a human hair)
•  Aids in the Treatment of  Varicose Veins & Spider Veins
• Helps Prevent EdemaFatigue and Swelling of Legs and Feet
• Support Stockings for Post Vein Surgery
Easy to Put on and Take off
• Reinforced/Balloon Toe & Heel Closed-Toe
• Evaporation of (Sweat/Moisture) from Legs
• Stretchy Non-Binding Fit...LATEX FREE
Sizes: Medium & Large

Wide Calf or Full Calf stockings are recommended for individuals with larger than average calf circumferences.

For Custom Fit...(2) Measurements are Required...ANKLE & CALF
Measure around the (smallest part of the ankle just above the ankle bone)
Measure around the (widest part of the calf)

 Reg. 81.99  (Sale Price) $61.88    Plus FREE SHIPPING