“It’s always a pleasure  to call and reorder my stockings, the girl is always nice to speak to, pulls my last order up fast makes sure every aspect of the address, size and charges are correct. I have your phone number on my frig. I guess I will be a long time customer of yours, thanks again.”
Anna Johnson

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Venosan Anti-Embolism T.E.D. like (Thigh-High) Open-Toe 12-18mmHg

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Venosan Anti-Embolism T.E.D. like (Thigh-High) Open-Toe 12-18mmHg
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The Graduated Compression of the Stockings helps the blood to constantly move in the leg providing...Good Circulation.
Prevents blood from sitting idle …which can lead to Blood Clots in the deep veins of the leg called (Deep Vein Thrombosis)
Prevents and Reduces Swelling and the Build-Up of Excess Fluids in legs
Pre-operative and Post-operative recumbent or recuperating patients Open-Toe style for Extra Comfort
• They are Easy to put on.
• Comfortable, Stretchy...Non-Binding Self-Support Top Band
Made from nylon and spandex...LATEX FREE
Made in the USA

Color: White
Sizes: S-XL Short, Regular, Long
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