COUTURE by Carolon Co.

COUTURE by Carolon Co.

Carolon / Couture - Compression Stockings, Tights & Socks for Men & Women

You can research hundreds of brands and styles. It is like NO other! You will NOT find a more laboratory tested, FDA certified compression sock and hosiery, that comes close to the COUTURE!!
You may Ask - What makes the Couture sock so different and unique? 
Here's our Secret...
It's the contoured unique "Comfort Knit" design:

  • Delivers 360—degree multi-dimensional Soft Flexibility STRETCH – making them EASY to PUT ON
  • Breathable / Comfortable knit-in-design / that stretches for proven Excellent Fit
  • Wide stretchy top band means no pinching slipping or binding - for extra all-day comfort
  • Comfortable roomy heel and balloon toe box - without restricting toes
  • Top Quality / Proven 6-months Durability
  • LATEX FREE / Machine Wash & Dryable

Couture - Smart Silver Technology provides:

  • Anti-Microbial – Odor Control
    Made with 99.9% pure Smart silver yarns helps control and protect the fabric from the growth of Oder-causing bacteria, fungus, and mold. 
  • Moisture-Wicking-Comfort
    Micro-Fiber 99.9% pure Smart silver yarns wicks away (sweat/moisture) w-Natural temperture regulating properties, to keep your feet Cool and Dry for comfort.
  • Permanent
    Micro-Fiber 99.9% pure Smart Silver is embedded into the yarns, will not wash or wear out. Performs for the life of the product.

You’ll find our Carolon COUTURE healthy compression, fashion and comfort comes together for preventative and therapeutic support. The expert stocking designers, have made sure that you're getting all of the best advanced knitting technology, advanced medical compression fabric. The elastic breathable yarns are knitted directly within the nylon structure. This unique process integrated into your medical compression needs, allows for the elastic fabric structure to provide accurate compression, for extra comfort and proper fit. The graduated compression helps energize your legs and alleviate leg swelling, while its contoured unique “Comfort Knit” design promotes a luxury comfortable fit. Couture’s multi-dimensional flexibility stretch, allows socks to slip on, with EASE! Our complete selection of the "Couture" includes:compression knee high's, thigh highs and tights.

JUST TRY a pair, of Couture socks to improve your circulation and your confidence for the health of your legs. It's like NO other - it has all the bells and whisles!
Watch this video showing how the "comfort knit" works for you!