Maternity Socks

The Natural® Brand - Lightweight Compression Maternity Socks

It’s a well-known fact, that during pregnancy, many women develop swelling, heaviness and achiness in their lower legs. We can HELP! Feel the Difference wearing our Two Way Stretch Compression Maternity Socks. Our support maternity sock are lightweight, elegant tailored with 15-20 mmHg light graduated compression. The light 15-20 mmHg support helps encourage healthy blood flow for everyday activities. Maternity compression socks aids in counteracting the effects of gravity, making it easier for your blood vessels to push deoxygenated blood upwards towards your heart. By doing this, you have healthy blood flow in the legs and feet, encouraging the flow of oxygen-rich blood back into your legs to HELP reduce likelihood of ugly varicose veins developing, and alleviating leg fatigue and leg pain. 

Buy for Less! Try a pair of our lightweight compression maternity socks, for healthier legs and a healthy pregnancy!