The Lounge Doctor Standard 1030 Foam Leg Rest & Cover

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We’re introducing The Lounge Doctor Standard 1030 Foam Leg Rest™ and Cover!

It's the only unique Patent leg rest shape design, to position the legs for medically effective leg elevation, providing venous and lymphatic flow and reduces leg swelling. The Standard Leg Rest is lightweight, made of standard 1030 foam, completely covered with a durable, high-quality cool cotton/Lyrac twill fabric. Don't wait another day, enjoy good healthy relaxation for healthier legs, with The Lounge Doctor™!

Proper leg elevation is important: 
·        helps lower venous pressure
·        helps in-crease venous flow 
·        helps reabsorbs interstitial fluid
You need the Lounge Doctor Leg Rest™…if you have:             
·        leg swelling 
·        vein problems
·        lymphedema
·        leg injuries
·        restless legs
·        having surgery
·        stand or sit at work a lot
·        traveling
The Lounge Doctor Leg Rest™ comes in (4) sizes with options to fit your needs. 
                                                          Choose the size for your (height) by reviewing the actual Dimensions