I don’t want to have – UGLY purple bulging blood vessels on my ankles, like my mother has!

Over the years you have probably heard some “old wives’ tales” and myths about varicose veins.Here’s actual facts from doctors and science to help separate facts from fiction. Varicose Veins can be UGLY & PAINFUL! No one wants them! You have heard that if your parents have varicose veins – you will get them too! … Continue reading “I don’t want to have – UGLY purple bulging blood vessels on my ankles, like my mother has!”

Get In Front of the competition – wearing Compression Socks!

If you’re a routine casual jogger or a marathon runner looking to get an edge on the competition, Compression Socks can HELP!! In the last 10 years, many sports magazine’s are reporting the fact that athletes and trainers have started using compression legwear to boost their performance and everyday recovery. I know you have heard … Continue reading "Get In Front of the competition – wearing Compression Socks!"

Choosing Compression Level

This information is intended for information and comparison only. Professional medical evaluation is required for any serious condition. If you are experiencing these symptoms, go to a doctor for advice. Understanding Compression See below the (4) Compression Levels of strength, which are normally sold as Ready-To-Wear. Use this chart to determine which compression level is best … Continue reading “Choosing Compression Level”

Compression Stocking Guide for Uses

We recommend certain Compression Stockings / Socks for medical conditions, traveling and everyday-wear. Check out the category for each different medical condition you may have to help with your vascular circulation.Diabetes / Edema / Frequent Flyers / Pregnancy / Varicose Veins / Spider Veins / Pre-Operative / Post-Operative ALL-our Brand Name Compression Stockings / Socks are LATEX-FREE Diabetes Diabetes is … Continue reading “Compression Stocking Guide for Uses”

Cheap Compression Stockings

Our cheap compression stockings are reasonable and from top-quality brands. Compare Rescue Legs savings of 30% to 80% vs national brands, while receiving free shipping every day. Check out our clearance selection, which can save you up to 80% off on special deals and overstocked compression inventory. Discover cheap support hose while still receiving effective … Continue reading “Cheap Compression Stockings”


Check out our Accessories to go with your compression stockings and socks. Fortunately, many of our advanced accessories help make it EASY when putting on and taking off compression stockings. We offer the stocking donner and donning gloves, which are proven and beneficial products, making it must Easier and quicker when putting on your compression stockings. Browse our selection of … Continue reading “Accessories”

Why Rescue Legs

Rescue Legs Compression Socks and Stockings Why choose Rescue Legs? Get access to expert help (certified fitting specialists), who are waiting for your call Find the compression level you need Select from industry-leading brands Ships with 24-hours / Everyday Free Shipping Get fast relief & support Experience the friendly, dedicated service you deserve Made in … Continue reading “Why Rescue Legs”

Two Natural Remedies – HELPED my Painful Knees and Fatigued Legs!

Two “old fashion” natural Remedies that WORK!!  I’m a retired gentleman, 71 years old and I felt I had to tell my story, so others can hopefully benefit from my experience. I was working around my home and fell off a scaffold about 15 feet, 3 years ago. I landed on my hands and feet, … Continue reading “Two Natural Remedies – HELPED my Painful Knees and Fatigued Legs!”

What Compression Leg-wear – Does NOT make me looks like I’m wearing Compression Stockings?

My Doctor wants me to wear Compression Stockings, can you provide a something that does not look like it's a Compression Hose? I don't want everyone to know I'm wearing compression stockings!! I know compression stockings work because my mother, and my grandmother wore these stockings. They are telling me to start wearing these stockings … Continue reading "What Compression Leg-wear – Does NOT make me looks like I’m wearing Compression Stockings?"