Are these the medical stockings my Doctor recommends wearing – after my surgery?

After Surgery Anti-Embolism Knee High Stockings

How Graduated Compression / Pressure Works!


Yes, we have many vascular doctors / cardiologists that recommend our medical stockings to their patients for everyday wear and especially after surgery. The doctor may have suggested a certain compression level and may have measured your legs, to provide the right size when purchasing your medical stockings.

The main reason your doctor has advised you to wear compression stockings after surgery is to prevent blood clots. They want to ensure a safe recovery without the anxiety of adding another disease or injury. Wearing the stockings helps prevent leg swelling, to prevent any blood clots developing in the legs, which is known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Because you are recovering after surgery, you will be less active for a few days, the compression hosiery help’s compress your ankle and calf, providing good blood flow to help prevent blood clots from forming. Another important reason doctors prescribe the patient compression stockings is protecting the incision that may be closed with staples, sutures and secured bandages. If you want (noticeable better results), be resolute and wear them every day when you first get up until bedtime.

Some doctors actually carry the compression stockings in their facility for their patients. The day of surgery you may be given a pair to wear home after your surgery. The nurse will show you how to put on the medical stockings each morning and how to remove them at night.

The most comfortable medical stockings that a lot of customers call us about is the – Carolon Health Support Procedure Pakthigh high stockings. These are the ones that a lot of doctors provide or refer their patients to get, for comfort and relief and at an affordable price and Free shipping. The Carolon Health Support Procedure Pak stockings are great, because they are a two way stretch, soft and stretchy stocking that feels good on and easy to put on and take off.

So when we get the call for the Carolon Health Support Procedure Pak medical stockings, we know exactly which stocking to give you. Our friendly staff of certified fitters, will be glad to assist you and help with your compression stocking needs. Buy Now!! Just give us a Call @ 1-844-629-9642.

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