Are YOU at RISK!!

Sitting still – for long periods – can Increase the RISK!!

It’s that “busy” time of the year for long distance flights. If you’re planning a trip and will be on a plane for
6 – 12 hours or longer. YOU ARE AT RISK!

One in 10 people who travel on long haul flights develop blood clots, according to scientists.
Researchers have revealed that 40 times more people suffered deep vein thrombosis (DVT) after long flights.
For the majority of people, there is no risk. But how do know…you’re not one of those victims???

There’s been several studies done, one in particular founded by consultant vascular surgeon John Scurr and his team stands out.
Mr. Scurr of the Middlesex and University hospitals in London and his team studied over 200 passengers who had
traveled eight hours or more. He and his team used sensitive ultra-sonographic assessment.
Half of those 200 passengers were given medical support stockings for their legs, these passengers showed NO symptoms.
However, 10% of the other passengers DID show clots in their calves. Dr. Scurr said: “What we are doing with
the ultra-sonographic is picking up the small clots, some will just go away, but others like seeds will germinate and
become bigger clots.”
He also said following medical advice and using support hosiery, should cut the RISK of clots / DVT for
individuals flying long distance at a time.

This study revealed about 10 people a year die from blood clots in the lungs, such as a 28-year old, woman who died
after a 20-hour flight from Australia which is just one in many cases.

The medical services providing this information for the public, must have consensus that wearing support hosiery
are good for you. So NEXT TIME you are considering flying long distance – TAKE PRECAUTIONS!!

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