Are you NUTS – Wear compression stockings in the HOT Summer!

Yes it’s August and the HEAT and the HUMIDTY is Here! Just thinking about putting on Compression Stockings makes me sweat.
Guess what, we offer cool effective options to keep your feet dry and cool during these summer months, while wearing Light Weight Compression Legwear.

For men, we offer a very popular option, it our SilverLine Gentlemen Sock, w-Silver yarn, is one of our most popular (Trouser Sock) for men that travel and are on their feet alot. Yes the name of the sock tells you the story behind this incrediable sock.

The “Magic of Silver.” 80% Nylon, 11% Lycra spandex and 9% Xstaic Silver-Plated Nylon.
What makes this stocking so Different??…the Silver Plated fibers!!
Silverline Gentlemen Sock…Improves and Protects against:
• Embarrassing foot odor
• Tired, Aching and Swollen legs
• Athlete’s Foot, associated with bacteria and fungi
• Anti-Microbial, wicks perspiration & moisture away from the skin, reducing odor-causing bacteria and fungi.
• Silver Yarn…helps keep feet stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

CoolMax Socks for men and women is one of those options. 65% CoolMax, 26 Nylon, and 9% Spandex. CoolMax Socks are made using moisture wicking yarns to pull moisture away from the skin to the exterior of the sock, moving moisture or sweat up and and out of the foot area. Designed to keep you comfortable and coolThe foot is very well padded. The toe area is seamless, the yarn/fabric is soft against your skin and the top-band is wide and non binding.

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So do yourself a favor, try our CoolMax or SliverLine selection of socks giving comfort to your Legs and Feet. Our CoolMax and Venosan SilverLine comes in 2XL big size compression socks and plus size compression socks for women. So yes if you need the extra, extra big compression socks…we can possible fit you for a cool comfortable pair.

The Compression stimulates blood circulation, relieving swollen, tired aching legs, while the CoolMax keeps your feet Cool and comfortable.
While it’s 90 degrees here in south on this HOT July afternoon, I’m surrounded by heat, but my feet are COOL and DRY!!

Written by admin on July 10, 2015

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