Can I APPLY Lotion To My Legs When Wearing Compression Socks / Stockings?

Cool Light Weight Compression Stockings for the Hot Summer

No!! Wearing compression socks / stockings on a regular basis for long periods of time especially going into the winter time can cause the skin on our legs to become dry, flaky and itchy. Our skin needs moisturizing creams and lotions to improve and ensure that our skin remains smooth and hydrated. It’s essential to apply lotions and creams in the evenings / night time after you’ve removed your compression stockings for the day.  Good reasoning is, lotions and creams can saturate and nourish our skin during the night putting the moisture back in our skin. Early in the mornings is best when we put on / donning our compression socks. Make sure your legs are clean and dry, remove any moisture from your legs before putting on your compression socks.

Compression stockings and socks can be somewhat difficult to put on as it is. Moisture and oils on our legs makes it harder and almost impossible to put stockings on and can harm and break down the delicate fabrics and elastic fibers the compression garments are made of. Please take note the worthy advice from Stephen F. Daugherty, MD, FACS, RVT, RPhS, who is the founder and medical Director of VeinCare Centers of Tennessee. Per Stephen F. Daugherty, MD., “Graduated elastic compression stockings are meant for the person who is able to sit, stand, or walk and are the appropriate kind for treating venous insufficiency. Recently applied body lotion will make donning the hose more difficult. A good approach is to use the lotion at bedtime for skin moisturizing.”

Check out “four” – Cheap Inexpensive Tricks – Making it Much Easier to Put on Compression Stockings:


  • Using a Plastic Bag – Free – $0.00


plastic bag used when donning open toe compression stockings
Use a plastic bag for donning stockings

This is only used if you have “Open-Toe” compression stockings!

A simple grocery plastic bag has a smooth slippery surface. Slip the plastic bag over the foot and heel area. Pull and slide your stockings over the plastic bag. Yes, this trick makes it much easier to get the stockings over your foot and heel which is the hardness part when donning compression stockings. Carefully pull the plastic bag through the open-toe area of your stockings. For the most part, all that’s left to do is massage the stockings the rest of the way up your leg. How EASY was that!!



Satin Foot Slip to Help Put on Compression Stockings
Use a Satin Foot Slip for donning compression stockings

Check out this link showing how the Satin Foot Slip works just like the plastic bag…ensuring the compression stockings slide over the satin foot slip. Comparatively, the only difference is the “Satin Foot Slip” is smaller and more fitting to the foot to pull and slide the stockings and socks over it onto your leg.


  • Using – Talcum Powder / Corn Starch – Cost $8.99


Corn Starch help make stockings go on much Easier!
Use CORN-STARCH for Donning Compression Stockings

Lightly sprinkle the Talcum Powder or Corn Starch on your foot, ankles and lower part of the leg before pulling on your stockings. These silky powders prevent and reduce friction of the feet and legs when pulling on the snug fitting compression socks and stockings. This trick will not only help the socks to go on more easily, but also helps absorb excess moisture or perspiration on the skin, while wearing the socks all day long.



donning gloves helps put on your compression stockings
Use donning gloves with grippers to help get on compression socks


Try wearing a pair of Rubber Gloves or Gripper Donning Gloves (Latex Free). These Donning Gloves provides a firm grip on your stockings, making it easier and quicker, putting-on and taking-off your compression stockings. Many vascular institutes refer this to donning on and donning off compression socks. The Non-slip, easy grip surface with silicone beads on the palm and fingers, provides a safe easier application. The Non-slip grip also protects your stockings from punctures, snags and runs that may be caused by sharp jewelry and fingernails. In addition, the Donning Gripper Gloves are durable / comfortable and re-usable, protecting to increase the longevity of the compression stockings and socks.

Regardless of (why) you are currently wearing compression stockings, you know the medical benefits they provide. For most individuals, wearing compression stockings improves blood circulation throughout the body. Especially in the lower extremities of the legs, blood circulation helps relieve and reduce pain and swelling in the legs and feet.

In conclusion, we hope we have provided you some Good News and Easier Ways to Put On your medical compression stockings and socks to Help move forward with your everyday routine.



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