CAN wearing compression socks Help relieve the PAINFUL pins and needle feelings in my Legs and Feet?

Foot Pain
Feet and Legs sting and burn with Pain!

We are talking about “neuropathy” of the feet. You may be one of these individual who endure everyday activities and your quality of life is being disrupted with intense stabbing pain and the burning, you have from Neuropathy. It’s a proven fact that one of the most frequently recommended tools to help manage neuropathy is wearing compression socks. Compression socks support your feet and blood vessels within them, to help increase blood flow and reduce any swelling / edema or fluid buildup in the legs and feet. The compression and pressure on your blood vessels while wearing the socks, also promotes good flow of oxygen-rich blood to the feet to help relieve the pain. While we know, the damage cant’ be reversed, compression socks can help neuropathy from worsening. Compression socks are not a cure, however they work in keeping your blood flowing in the right direction, pushing blood flow back to the heart and helps relieve the painful pins and needles feelings in your feet and legs.  

Because neuropathy is a progressive disease, with no cure, it’s very important to talk with your regular physician. Most doctors usually have a comprehensive treatment plan, specially designed to help to relieve neuropathy symptoms and prevent further damage. Most likely your doctor is considering and recommending wearing compression socks to help in reducing the swelling, pain and discomfort associated with nerve damage.

Another reason doctors like using compression socks and stockings is because they a non-invasive and affordable option, with out resorting to more drugs you must take.

You may ask – how do these compression socks work?

Compression stockings / socks are elastic stockings that provide a gentle squeeze and snug to the leg that is tightest pressure at the feet and ankles and gradually decreases as the pressure / compression travels up the leg, this is known as graduated compression. 


How graduated compression works
Graduated compression provides greater pressure at the foot and around your ankles and less pressure / compression up your legs.


Because “diabetes” can be related to neuropathy, we want to be very careful in providing a light 8-15 or 15-20 mmHg compression level, soft stretchy support sock, making it easy to get on and take off. If you are a diabetic, we suggest you speak to your pharmacist or your medical physician to get a full vascular evaluation.

If and when you need our assistance…we do have a couple light compression stocking /sock recommendations The Natural two way stretch knee high or our two way stretch thigh high.

At, the health of your legs and feet, is our priority. We have Certified Fitting Specialist waiting to Help provide you with a proper fit and answer any questions you may have to ensure your legs get the compression needed for good blood circulation, to help relieve any leg and feet discomfort you may have. Please call our Toll Free # (844)-629-9642.



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