YES – My Silver Yarn Socks – Helped my Swollen Legs & my Sweaty Feet!

We all have our everyday routines. During that day we want our legs and feet to be at their Best! If your day consist of swollen legs and feet. Your feet sweat a lot and smell bad at the end of the day. And one of the more unpleasant moments after a long day, is … Continue reading “YES – My Silver Yarn Socks – Helped my Swollen Legs & my Sweaty Feet!”

My legs and feet are Swollen, and I’m a Diabetic!!

“My diabetic socks do not help with my swollen legs and feet.” We hear this complaint with a lot of customers that are (diabetics). They call us, asking for additional help and recommendations in wearing compression socks to help with circulation and everyday swelling in the legs and feet. Yes, diabetic swollen feet and legs, … Continue reading “My legs and feet are Swollen, and I’m a Diabetic!!”

Choosing the Right Graduated Compression Level

This information is intended for information and comparison only. Professional medical evaluation is required for any serious condition. If you are experiencing these symptoms, go to a doctor for advice. Choosing the Right graduated compression level for your legs is very important! Understanding Compression Levels See below the (4) Compression Levels of strength, which are … Continue reading “Choosing the Right Graduated Compression Level”

Compression Stocking Guide for Uses

We recommend certain Compression Stockings / Socks for medical conditions, traveling and everyday wear. The following information and Compression Stocking Guide explains the category for each different medical condition you may have. This Compression Stocking Guide helps you determine the best and efficient compression garment for your uses to improve your vascular circulation. These medical conditions … Continue reading “Compression Stocking Guide for Uses”