Compression Stocking Guide for Uses

We recommend certain Compression Stockings / Socks for medical conditions, traveling and everyday wear. The following information and Compression Stocking Guide explains the category for each different medical condition you may have. This Compression Stocking Guide helps you determine the best and efficient compression garment for your uses to improve your vascular circulation. These medical conditions … Continue reading “Compression Stocking Guide for Uses”

How – To Put On – Compression Stockings

We want to make it easy, when you Put On your compression stockings. Instructions: How-To-Put-On and How-To-Take-Off Compression Stockings. Donning On & Donning Off Stockings! Putting On Your Stockings Putting on or donning your compression stockings is as easy as 1-2-3. Wearing rubber gloves is a big help and resting your leg on a stool … Continue reading “How – To Put On – Compression Stockings”

Why Rescue Legs

  Rescue Legs Compression Socks and Stockings Why choose Rescue Legs?     Get access to expert help (certified fitting specialists), who are waiting for your call @ 844-629-9642 Find the compression level you need Select from industry-leading brands Ships with 24-hours / Everyday Free Shipping Get fast relief & support Experience the friendly, dedicated … Continue reading “Why Rescue Legs”

How to Measure Guide

Compression Hosiery…How-To-Measure-Guide…is to ensure a (Custom Fit) of your Compression Stockings for Below-Knee, Thigh-High and Pantyhose / Tights for a comfortable proper fit. The compression hosiery measure guide is useful in getting the proper leg measurement for adequate pressure in compression therapy, for successful treatment. General Measurement Tips:  • Measure first thing in the morning … Continue reading “How to Measure Guide”

Care Instructions for Compression Stockings

Care Instructions on How-To-Laundry Compression Stockings to prolong the effectiveness and durability. Machine washable in warm water Do Not Bleach Machine Dry on low heat Do Not dry clean Do Not iron Use a delicate detergent Do Not use any kind or fabric softner Do Not use dish washing liquid **Please call us if you … Continue reading “Care Instructions for Compression Stockings”


Compression legwear stockings and socks help maintain circulatory system health, a non-invasive way to help your body better circulate your blood. Compression legwear also helps individuals combat the fatigue associated with tired aching legs and feet. To make compression legwear stockings as user-friendly and comfortable as possible, follow these valuable tips and guidelines: Sizing -  Make sure you … Continue reading "HELPFUL (tips) about COMPRESSION LEGWEAR"

How do Thigh High compression stockings STAY UP?

I often get this question ask, especially if its from individuals wearing thigh high compression stockings for the first time. I’m a - certified fitter - here at My number one job is make sure I provide a proper fitted stocking that will meet the measurements provided. Each stocking manufacture / brand provides a … Continue reading "How do Thigh High compression stockings STAY UP?"

Get a proper FIT when wearing Compression Stockings, or your WASTING your MONEY!!

None of us like wasting money on a product that does not work or does not do what it was intended to do, especially one that is beneficial for our health and well-being. To get a proper fit and measurement of the legs is important to ensure the compression stockings do the job, for healthier … Continue reading “Get a proper FIT when wearing Compression Stockings, or your WASTING your MONEY!!”

My Legs are HUGE – Can you Fit me, for a pair of Compression Stockings?

I hear these desperate words from so many of our customers - What have you got to FIT ME - I'm obese and my legs are Huge??    I respond, "We will try our best to fit you, providing you the proper size to make your legs feel better." Yes, Big Size legs, need Big Size compression stockings. … Continue reading "My Legs are HUGE – Can you Fit me, for a pair of Compression Stockings?"


For Sarah it was a WAKE UP-CALL!! Sarah told us her story, she suffered from leg pain, coughing and fatigue for years. However, Sarah smoked cigarettes every day for almost 30 years. Sarah is now 77 years of age, she told her physician last month, she feels the Best she has felt in 20 years … Continue reading "OXYGEN + GOOD BLOOD FLOW = HEALING"