Do I have to have a “medical condition” to wear compression Stockings and Socks?

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Anyone can benefit from wearing our medical compression stockings and socks and you do not have to have a “medical condition” to reap the benefits when wearing compression stockings.

Active individuals…


  • Anyone who stands for long periods of time – hair stylist, flight attendants, bankers, cashiers, retailers, nurses, doctors, chefs, waitress, teachers, bricklayers, roofers, electricians, builders, service industries and mill workers.

(Standing for extended periods, you may experience constriction of blood vessels and blood pooling in their lower legs and feet, causing swollen, tired aching legs, which can also lead to spider veins and more serious – varicose veins.)


  • Sports athletes – golfers, tennis players, basketball & football players, long distance runners, bikers.

In the last 10 years, many sports reviews are reporting the fact that athletes and trainers have started using compression legwear to boost their performance and everyday recovery.

Sports compression socks, called – graduated compression socks – meaning they provide greater compression and squeeze from the ankle to the knee.

This process improves blood circulation and increase’s oxygen to the muscle tissue, preventing lactic acid build-up in your legs. Studies show a build-up of lactic acid causes muscle fatigue and much discomfort, which can have a negative impact on any athlete’s performance.


Men and Women's White Compression Medical Socks
Men and Women’s White Compression Socks


  • Anyone who sits long period of time – frequent travelers / plane / bus / truckers / co-pilots race-car drivers, also computer jobs, receptionists, anyone confined to bed or wheelchair can benefit wearing support stockings / socks.There’s been various studies done, and articles to help understand the seriousness of DVT when (traveling long distance), one article in particular is Formation of edema and fluid shifts during a long-haul flight. It is suggested that sitting in a cramped position, immobility and compression of the popliteal vein result in venous stasis, thus increasing the risk of DVT during long-haul flights.

For healthier legs – give your legs a “boost” in energy, wearing our Travel Socks or our everyday Compression Stockings to help reduce swelling, fatigue and leg aches and pain and prevents DVT (deep vein thrombosis). It’s all about good blood circulation for healthier legs and feet.


Men & Women's Black Travel Medical Socks
Men and Women’s Black Compression Socks

Anyone…suffering from these symptoms can also benefit wearing compression leg wear.


  • Tired, aching, heavy feeling legs
  • Leg swelling / Swollen ankles / Edema
  • Spider veins & Varicose veins
  • Family (history) of Venous disorders / Insufficiency
  • Pregnancy…(Maternity pantyhose helps prevent venous problems such as varicose veins and spider veins).


Maternity Compression Pantyhose / Tights
Maternity Medical Compression Pantyhose for Healthier Legs

Yes compression hosiery / socks are products that (HELP) promote good blood circulation in the legs. The first time you slip a pair of Support Stockings / Support Socks, you’ll feel a gentle squeeze on the ankle. Don’t worry, this is normal. They steadily squeeze / massage pressure on your legs, helping veins and leg muscles move blood more efficiently, so your legs will feel pampered and refreshed all day.

You can buy medical compression stockings and socks online , a Certified Fitting Specialists can help with the proper fitting and questions. Call us today at 1-844-629-9642, one of our expert, certified fitting specialists will gladly assist you with sizing for a proper fit and a comfortable compression stocking or sock.

Whether you’re on a plane, at work or have other medical conditions that require medical compression stockings – they are an inexpensive fix to many different health concerns.

Please Take Note…It’s always good to get a full vascular evaluation, if you have a medical condition related to arterial circulation problems, or see a vein-specialists to determine the precise reason behind leg swelling and accompanying symptoms.


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