How – To Put On – Compression Stockings

How to Put On compression stockings

We want to make it easy, when you Put On your compression stockings. Instructions: How-To-Put-On and How-To-Take-Off Compression Stockings. Donning On & Donning Off Stockings!

How to put on compression stockings

Putting On Your Stockings

Putting on or donning your compression stockings is as easy as 1-2-3. Wearing rubber gloves is a big help and resting your leg on a stool or low table makes it easier too.

  • 1. Turn the stocking inside out down to the heel – As a result only the foot part is the correct side out, while the leg is inside out and stretching beyond your foot.
  • 2. Place both your thumbs in the foot part of the stocking and while holding the foot of the stocking apart pull it over your foot up to the heel. Now the stocking is on your foot with the leg part turned inside out.
  • 3. Grasp the top of the stocking and pull it over the foot and on up your leg. Smooth out any wrinkles and position the top band.

The stocking should be positioned:

Below Knee: 1 ½” below the bend in the knee.

Full Length Thigh: 1 ½” below groin area, possibly less for long legged people.

Stockings must be smooth on your leg. Massage fabric towards your ankle until all wrinkles disappear. DO NOT over stretch the stocking. Any excess fabric will bunch behind your knee and will be uncomfortable. A properly donned stocking will have the fabric evenly distributed on your leg.

Removing Your Stockings

Removing your stockings is similar to putting them on, but in reverse. Again wear rubber gloves and prop your leg on a stool or low table.

  • 1. Gently take hold of the top of your stocking and pull it inside out down to the ankle. DO NOT allow the fabric to bunch tightly around your ankle. There should be a single fold with the leg of the stocking stretched out over your foot.
  • 2. Insert your thumbs between the stocking and your leg and pull the stocking over your ankle.
  • 3. Slowly pull the stocking off your foot.


    Compression Stocking – Donning Gloves

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