Get a proper FIT when wearing Compression Stockings, or your WASTING your MONEY!!

None of us like wasting money on a product that does not work or does not do what it was intended to do, especially one that is beneficial for our health and well-being.

So you’re asking, how can I be sure I have the right size, style or compression level for my legs when purchasing compression socks / stockings?

If you research compression stockings, you will find there are many styles, sizes and compression levels to choose from. If your doctor has prescribed them for you, the script will say what compression level or style is best for your condition.

The compression level range from Light compression 15-20 mmHg to Medium compression 20-30 mmHg to Firm compression 30-40 mmHg. The most common that most physicians recommend is the 20-30 mmHg which is moderate / medium compression for various venous insufficiency conditions of the legs.

The styles could be either Knee High, Thigh High or Pantyhose. The most popular is the Knee High and Thigh High, depending on your diagnosis. Also style could refer to the type of yarn used such as SheerOpaque and a Two Way Stretch and whether you desire a sock or stocking, because there is a difference.

The sizes that are available can be over whelming, ranging from a small to extra, extra large, regular and wide calf, short or long?

You may ask – what could be going on with my legs?

Veins are blood vessels that bring blood from your body back to your heart. Veins have valves (stoppers) that open and close to keep the blood flowing in one direction. If the valves in the veins do not work properly, your blood is not flowing back to your heart in the normal fashion. The increase pressure in the lower legs causes the veins to enlarge and swell and hurt, causing problems such as swollen ankles and calf’s, leg pain, varicose veins and other vascular issues.

You’re asking why use compression stockings??

Compression stockings / socks are elastic stockings that provide a gentle squeeze to the leg that is tightest at the feet and ankles and gradually decreases as the pressure / compression travels up the leg, this is known as graduated compression. This compression is measured in mmHg (millimeters of mercury).

Wearing compression stockings act as a pump for the fluid / blood in your legs. When the leg veins cannot pump hard enough to bring the blood back to the heart, you can develop “chronic venous insufficiency.” This is when compression stockings are used, doing what they are expected to do…

  • Helps reduce swelling in the lower extremities of your legs
  • Helps the blood flow more efficiently in the direction on your heart
  • Helps effectively treat varicose veins, keeping the blood from flowing backwards
  • Helps relieve pain and swelling to prevent future vascular problems

There’s a lot to consider when purchasing a pair of compression socks and stockings, not only to get your money’s worth to do the job they are intended to do, but mostly for the health and well-being of your legs.

At, the health of your legs, is our priority. We hope you will call us, so our friendly certified fitters can offer expertise to help you find the proper stocking / socks to ensure your legs get the compression needed for good blood circulation to help relieve any vascular leg discomfort you may have.

Please call our toll free # 844-629-9642 we will be waiting to assist you.

Written by admin on August 5th 2018.

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