How do Thigh High compression stockings STAY UP?

I often get this question ask, especially if its from individuals wearing thigh high compression stockings for the first time. I’m a – certified fitter – here at My number one job is make sure I provide a proper fitted stocking that will meet the measurements provided. Each stocking manufacture / brand provides a (size chart) showing the size range of your leg circumference for each type of stocking.

Why is the (thigh high) compression stocking the hardest to fit for individuals?

Everyone’s legs are shaped different. Not every compression stocking will fit every person’s legs perfectly. Some people have skinny thighs others have chubby full thighs. There’s times you will have to compromise a measurement here or there in order to get the best fitting stocking.

Most all thigh high stockings have the stay-up feature called silicone beads grips on the upper band of the stocking to keep the stockings in place on the upper thigh.

For individuals with skinny thighs, it can be very annoying when your stockings will not stay up, they keep sliding down the leg.

You may ask – what advise can be given to for individuals with skinny thighs, when the stockings will not stay up.

  • Double check the size. Make sure you have the right circumference measurement. It could be you are not wearing the right size and that’s why it not fitting properly.
  • How often do you WASH your stockings? They need to be washed every day or every other day after you wear them to cleanse the yarn of dirt, sweat, dead skin and bodily oil build-up that gathers in the material. After a day of conforming to your legs, they also get stretched out. Washing bounces back the elasticity and its original tightness.
  • Gained or lost WEIGHT. When purchasing a new pair, it’s important to acknowledge the fact you may have gained or may lost some weight. Be sure to get your legs re-measured or call us and we will gladly guide you through the steps of measuring properly for a better fit.
  • Never use Lotions before putting on stockings. The silicone beads need to be against dry clean skin to grip the skin and stay in place on your upper thigh.
  • What kind of Detergent do you use? When we ask this question, many say a liquid dishwashing detergent or a nice smelly soap. WRONG answer. Dish washing detergents usally contain a softener in it, which can break down the yarns and destroy the elasticity of the stocking. Many nice smelly soaps have oils that can cause a build-up in the yarn to destroy the firmness and durability of the stockings.
  • How OLD are your Stockings? If you have been using your stocking for 4 to 6 months, wearing them on a daily base’s, they are probably already worn, stretched and have reached the maximum days of effective compression strength and durability. It’s time to purchase a new pair.

Also, we carry an ITEM that has been around a long time and it WORKS in helping keep compression stockings from sliding or falling down.

It’s called IT STAY’SSkin Adhesive.
It’s a hypoallergenic body adhesive, which comes in a roll on bottle. It’s easy to apply and washes off with warm water. It Stays Up Body Adhesive will hold knee high and thigh high compression stockings in place securely and comfortably. For best results, apply a small amount to your skin where the top of the stocking will position itself to hold your compression stocking in place to stay up.

We ask if you have any questions related to your health, to always consult your doctor or medical physician. The information presented here is informative only and is not medical advice.

Written by Admin 10-23-18

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