How FAST can I get Results wearing Compression Socks?


Good Question!

If you are suffering from – tired aching legs and feet – You should feel RELIEF within few hours of having them on your legs. The compression level and strength of the compression socks, helps determines how fast you can see results and relief for better healthier legs.

However, if you have “chronic venous insufficiency” or varicose veins and noticeable swelling in your legs and feet, it could take several days. For best results, means, putting you’re  compression socks on first thing in the morning, before you have been standing, while your legs are least swollen. Continue wearing your compression stockings all day, take them off before bedtime, repeat again the next day. If you continue, you may see visible improvements in the appearance of less swelling and the pain associated with edema within a week or so, if wearing them on a daily base.

The most important detail before wearing compression garments, is getting a Proper FIT!!

It can be very confusing, when you go on-line and see all the selections of compression stockings and the different compression levels offered. You’re asking yourself, how do I know I’m getting the (right) level of compression for my legs and the (right) fit?

We recommend you speak to your physician or vein specialist to make sure the stockings are the correct strength in the “compression level” for problem you are treating for your legs.

Choosing the right compression level

 To HELP you understand the different compression levels, 8-15 mmHg, 15-20 mmHg, 20-30 mmHg and 30-40 mmHg, the use’s and recommendations, please click on the this link and read this helpful article.


Compression Levels for compression stockings
Compression Levels when wearing compression socks and stockings

In-order for compression stockings and socks to work, they must fit properly. All the different brands of our compression stockings have (size charts) to make sure your measurements are within the sizing range for a proper and comfortable fit. We also have (Certified Fitting Specialists) available, waiting to assist you with sizing.

Graduated compression socks and stockings are designed to give your legs compression therapy, providing a gentle squeeze and pressure on the veins of your legs, to promote good blood flow from your legs to your heart. The graduated compression socks provides the compression level, from the ankle which gets the strongest amount of compression / pressure and gradually decreases in the strength of compression towards the top of the stocking.


graduated compression stockings levels of pressure
Graduated Compression pressure gradually decreases in strength going up the leg

The compression / pressure helps to force blood upward, back to the heart, which helps relieve the pain and chronic swelling of the legs.

Stop Waiting – Start Living – See and Feel – the Results!

Please Call us @ 1-844-629-9642 our (Certified Fitting Specialists) is waiting to assist you with your leg measurements for a “proper comfortable fit.”


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