How to Measure Guide

Measuring Guide for Compression Stockings

Compression Hosiery…How-To-Measure-Guide, is to ensure a (Custom Fit) of your Compression Stockings for Below-Knee, Thigh-High and Pantyhose / Tights for a comfortable proper fit. The compression hosiery measure guide is useful in getting the proper leg measurement for adequate pressure in compression therapy, for successful treatment.

General Measurement Tips: 
• Measure first thing in the morning before the natural swelling in the legs and ankles begins.
• When measuring circumference (around the ankle or thigh), take snug measurements on the skin, not over socks or slacks.
• Take care not to draw the tape too tight, causing a depression on the skin, or too loose where there is slack.

For – Knee-High Styles:  2-measurements are required for accurate:

Ankle – Measure around the (smallest part of the ankle just above the ankle bone)
Calf – Measure around the (widest part of the calf)

For – Thigh-High Styles:  3-measurements: Ankle, Calf, Upper Thigh

• Measure around the (smallest part of the ankle just above the ankle bone)
• Measure around the (widest part of the calf)
• Measure around the (upper thigh), 2-inches below groin level

For – Pantyhose Styles:  4-measurements: Ankle, Calf, Upper Thigh, Hips

• Measure around the (smallest part of the ankle just above the ankle bone)
• Measure around the (widest part of the calf)
• Measure around the (upper thigh) 2-inches below the groin
• Measure around the hips

Given these points of measurements needed for good leg measurements for a proper fit.  Please use the compression hosiery measure guide / chart to determine your size.
For this reason, Measurement Charts are located on all respective product pages after you select your preferred color.
In the event that the ankle measurement falls into one size smaller than the calf measurement, select the size relating to the ankle.
If the calf is two sizes bigger…Contact ( Customer Service staff) by email.

For more informative information regarding using the best garment for each individual situation. It is important in getting healthy results, see this medical article, Please note in the Sept 2019 issue, Titled…Importance of adequate pressure in compression therapy : Basis for successful treatment. It notes, The pressure exerted by a compression device on a part of the body corresponds to the dosage of the compression therapy. Therefore, the pressure course under compression materials should be investigated in different clinical situations.

This article continues saying. “The results showed that the pressure varied considerably depending on the material used, the firmness of application, the local configuration (body position) and the time interval between applications. A loss of pressure occurred under each compression therapy, especially under inelastic short-stretch material, mainly due to movement and edema reduction. This pressure loss is decisive for the timing of dressing changes and a reason for the good tolerance of high-pressure levels in mobile patients.”

Call our Toll Free…1-844-629-9642. We have Certified Fitters waiting for your call, to assist you with any questions, concerns and measurement questions. We want to help provide the best, most comfortable compression stocking for the health and well being of your legs.

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