Is it – OK – to wear my Compression Stockings in the Pool?

Compression Socks for the Pool

My doctor said, wear your compression knee high’s every day for next 3 months! It’s summertime, it’s 90 degrees almost every day. I have a pool in my back yard that I use daily to escape from this dreadful heat. Is it ok to wear my open toe compression stockings in the pool? Yes, it’s ok, however the chorine could make them deteriorate more quickly. It may be wise to purchase one pair only to be used in the pool, or if you have an older pair that you don’t wear as often, use that pair. You also may want to check out our Clearance section or our less expensive compression stockings that won’t be a huge monetary loss like (The Natural).

Open Toe Knee High

Another suggestion is our open toe knee high and thigh highs. The open toe stockings allow the legs to breathe from the foot area during the hotter months, yet still provide the much need compression and support to help with various conditions such as varicose vein, spider veins, swollen legs and feet. You can wear flip flops or any open toe sandal that are airy, cooler and more comfortable for your legs and feet. A few open toe stocking recommendations is our Carolon light compression. The Natural offers a similar option in light compression in our light weight two way stretch knee highs and thigh high selection.

Open Toe Knee High Stockings

Also, if you’re looking for something that’s very durable and affordable, The Natural Opaque Medical Stocking, is a great option! Our opaque knee high stockings are available for large wide calfs in our 2XL and 3XL Large size for larger individuals with extra large legs.

Be Smart! Don’t make the mistake and believe going a few weeks or months during the hot weather (NOT) wearing your compression stocking is ok. It is a known fact that any vein specialists will confirm to you that during the heat of the summer, you’re already weakened veins are at an even more risk of further deterioration than during the cooler months.

Enjoy your Summer!!

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