My legs Itch – when wearing my compression stockings – Why is this happening?

Why do my legs Itch – when wearing my compression stockings?

It could be couple of things causing this to happen. First we need to determine if you may have sensitive skin or already had a problem with dry skin. Compression stocking may not be the root of your problem, but may be contributing to the problem. Xerosis or dry skin makes us itch. Allergies, and skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema can cause itching.

Compression stockings are just as they sound. These stockings are several degrees tighter than a normal sock or fashion nylon stockings. The compression stockings are designed to compress / gently squeeze your legs to increase blood flow, to move the blood up your leg’s. This helps prevent leg swelling to lessen the possibility of blood clots forming in the lower legs. If you have never worn compression stockings before, the fact they are squeezing your legs like you have never felt before, is an Experience!! It’s all about healthier legs and good blood flow.

The “Good News” is if you are noticing that you are having more flaky or shedding of skin cells on your legs than usual, and it’s causing you to itch, it may not necessarily be a bad thing. Accelerated shedding of skin cells can a sign of improved blood circulation in the legs / skin, which can speed up the renewal the skin cells.

We recommend not putting any lotion or moisturizing condition on your legs while wearing your compression stocking during the day time hours. It’s best to apply all lotions and moisturizing every night after the stockings are removed before bedtime to rehydrate your skin. Consistency is very important. Try to lotions that do not contain perfume, latex, dyes or lanolin, these can cause allergic skin rashes and irritation for some people.

Also when wearing the upper thigh high stockings, some people experience discomfort or skin irritation from the silicone beaded band which holds up the compression stockings. If this is the case, you can either buy the thigh high stocking without the silicone band and purchase a garter belt that attaches to the stockings to keep in place on your upper thigh. We also offer a thigh high stockings with velcro, which is convenient and much easier to adjust on upper thigh to stay in position.

We hope we have provided you some helpful information, it may not work for everyone. Completely eliminating the itch from wearing compression stocking may not be possible. We ask you give these suggestions a try for a few days, it can’t hurt to try.

Feel free to call our Toll Free # at 1-844-629-9642, one of our Certified Fitting Specialists will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Written by admin on January 22, 2018

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