Yes, were talking about – COMPRESSION GARMENTS, whether it be – Compression SocksCompression stockings – below knee, upper thigh highs, pantyhose, tights, arm sleeve, knee sleeve, calf sleeve or support ankle socks, they WORK!!

Medical compression stockings have been around for so many years, mostly women would wear them. Now, more so than women, men wear them. Most Athletics like the them, trainers actually recommend them, because they energize the legs and relief soreness during and after strenuous games and workouts.

The beauty of it all –  there is NO SIDE EFFECTS!!

Taking Meds & Pills can be a bummer!! You always worry about the “side effects” of what your taking? Not when wearing COMPRESSION LEGWEAR – You can actually feel the difference within minutes feeling the gentle squeeze and relief that comes with aching legs and feet.

Wearing compression socks or stockings improves blood flow in your legs. The compression socks act as a pump for good blood flow, giving you additional support therapy to energize your legs and feet. Individuals that stand stands a lot during the day on the job or that sit long hours at a desk wear support socks. The compression socks / stockings force’s your blood back to your heart to get deoxygenated and rejuvenated, to help reduce any swelling and fatigued feeling, you may have once experienced by the end of a work day.

Do you want to make your legs feel better at the end of the day, and have more energy?

Sure you do! Start out and try our light support socks / stockings, you won’t believe the difference they will make! We offer many styles and we have affordable low prices with free shipping. You will also need to be fitted properly.

At, the health of your legs, is our priority. We hope you will call us, so our friendly certified fitters can offer expertise to help you find the proper stocking / socks to ensure your legs get the compression needed for good blood circulation, to help relieve any vascular leg discomfort you may have. Call our Toll Free # (844)-629-9642.

If you have medical questions and concerns, be sure to speak to your pharmacist or your medical physician to get a full vascular evaluation.

Written by Gwen Marion our “Certified Fitting Specialists” on January 19th 2019.

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