For Sarah it was a WAKE UP-CALL!!

Sarah told us her story…she suffered from leg pain, coughing and fatigue for years. However, Sarah smoked cigarettes every day for almost 30 years.

Sarah is now 77 years of age, she told her physician last month, she feels the Best she has felt in 20 years or more.

You may ask – what changed in her life??? She STOPPED smoking!!!

It was all about the amount of OXYGEN her body was getting. Smoking doesn’t just harm your lungs and heart, it can put feet and legs at Risk too. The tar and carbon-monoxide also harms the arteries that supply blood to your legs and feet, hardening and narrowing these arteries, restricting good blood flow. For some, leg pain is the first symptom of much wider problems.

OXYGEN…is so important to our bodies in so many different ways. We have physicians call us on a regular base, asking us to send their patients our Support Socks and hose. It has to do with the level of OXYGEN in our blood vessels and circulatory system. Our veins direct blood back to your heart and lungs to be Re-Oxygenated and gather nutrients your body needs to grow, repair and survive. Once the returned blood collects OXYGEN and nutrients, it is pumped out to the furthers reaches of your body, your lower extremities such as your legs, feet and toes.

This is where support socks are used to compress the ankle and calf area, opening up the veins, forcing the blood back to the heart and lungs to be Re-Oxygenated. We have so many men and women telling us, they wish they knew the importance and the benefits of wearing a light support sock or stocking on their legs years ago. What a wonderful difference it could have made while working and being on their feet all day. The more oxygen in our blood vessels the better you feel. Oxygen HEALS! Many Orthopedic doctors after surgery, wants their patients to wear support garments / stockings on their legs to help the (healing process). Why, because the more OXYGEN circulating in your blood vessels in that particular area, helps improve and speed up the Healing process.

If you’re your having leg pain, leg fatigue, leg swelling, restless legs or similar symptoms, you may want to give support stockings a TRY! They make your legs and feet feel better, feeling more energized throughout the day.

We offer many styles and we have affordable low prices with free shipping. You will also need to be fitted properly.

At rescuelegs.com, the health of your legs, is our priority. We hope you will call us, so our friendly certified fitters can offer expertise to help you find the proper stocking / socks to ensure your legs get the compression needed for good blood circulation, to help relieve any vascular leg discomfort you may have. Call our Toll Free # (844)-629-9642.

If you have medical questions and concerns, be sure to speak to your pharmacist or your medical physician to get a full vascular evaluation.

Written by Gwen Marion our “Certified Fitting Specialists” on Feb 28th 2019.

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