The BUZZ about Compression Socks – for Athletics & Everyday Work-Outs!!

What's all the BUZZ about - The Media Explosion and the Widespread acceptance of wearing athletic compression socks as an effective tool - when working out? You’ve probably already made your NEW YEAR resolution! You want to tone your body up a notch. You want to get in shape early this year, so when Spring Break … Continue reading "The BUZZ about Compression Socks – for Athletics & Everyday Work-Outs!!"

Wearing Compression Stockings – ON THE JOB!

If you're one of those people and your Job consist of: Sitting long hours at a desk Standing on your feet 8 to 10 hours Driving long hours at a time Sitting on Plane, Train or Bus long hours on a weekly basis WHY wearing Compression Stockings ON THE JOB can give you a Better Quality of … Continue reading "Wearing Compression Stockings – ON THE JOB!"