Should I (SLEEP) in my Compression Stockings?

My doctor emphasized putting my compression stockings on early in the morning, however he never mentioned when to take them off.

First and foremost, depending on your diagnosis, make sure to check with your pyhsician’s guidelines on wearing compression stockings (24-hours) including to bed. There are medical conditions that require wearing compression stockings around the clock. However a worth note of caution, most physicians recomend daily wear until bedtime.

Just remember Compression Stockings are elastic stretchable stockings to help your veins, by putting mild pressure or gentle “squeeze” on your legs to decrease swelling in them. This helps stimulate proper blood circulation, helping blood flow more quickly up the leg, keeping your blood moving back to the heart, which will help prevent blood clots from forming.

Keep in mind that when you’re lying down, the venous pressure in your lower extremities of your legs is equalized and it may not be necessary to wear them. However when you are on your feet the veins in your legs are pressurized, your muscules are feeling the compression. Compression stockings provide more compression when you move and your muscle is flexing, and less compression when your lying down.

Note, when and individual is hospitalized (low compression stockings) such as the anti-embolism stockings or sometimes called TED hose. Many times these light weight compression hose are prescribed for home use, following surgical procedures.

So you may want to consider a (medium to firm compression stocking) during the day while your on your feet and put on a Lower grade of light compression for bed time.

Interesting (TidBit), it’s best to put on your Compression Stockings at the start of the day. Reason, because your legs are less swollen in the morning making it much easier to put them on. You’ll be able to do more during the day and sleep better at night.

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Written by admin on October 28, 2013

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