STOP Snoring, TRY (one) simple thing during the day!!

Yes, it’s worth a try to STOP Snoring, by trying (one) simple thing during the day!!

If you’re one of those people that’s tired of (snoring) and waking up yourself or your loved one in the middle of the night, then you got to try this ONE simple thing. It’s natural and DRUG-FREE and inexpensive, $22.00 or less. It’s as EASY as wearing support socks or stocking, whichever is more comfortable for you, during the daytime. You’re probably asking, what is the connection between wearing support socks on your legs and snoring, which takes place in your nose and throat? The connection is the “buildup of fluids” in your legs during the day. You may not even know you have edema or poor circulation of the legs, doctors refer to as Chronic Venous Insufficiency /  CVI.  At night, this fluid moves into the neck area, where it puts pressure on our airways, which can cause sleep apnea or snoring. Also if you have to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom a lot, again wearing support socks could possibly help reduce this.

“The University of Toronto study did a two-week study, using patients with CVI and poor leg circulation. These patients put supports socks on early in the morning and wore the support socks through-out the day. At night these patients experienced less snoring and cut the number of sleep apnea episodes in half, while patients who didn’t use the socks showed no change at all. The study also showed 62% reduction in overnight leg fluid volume and a 60% reduction of fluids gravitating to the neck area during sleep.”

This study blew scientists and head researcher participates away, they did not expect such a dynamic conclusion and finding, proving – the true benefits of wearing a simple thing like support socks.

So do yourself and your sleeping partner a favor, Give Support Socks a Try!!

Below are a few of our customer favorites for everyday wear. Try our light support knee high socks and stockings to energize your legs and improve your vascular / blood circulation during the day, for good quite night’s sleep.

Carolon Brand – Light Support – Knee High

The Natural Brand – Two Way Stretch Light Support – Knee High

The Natural Brand – CoolMax – Knee Sock 

The Natural Brand – Two Way Stretch – Knee Sock

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