Suit-Up for SPRING, put on your CoolMax Athletic Support Socks

Winter is OVER!! Get rid of those wool socks, warmer temperatures and sunny days are here. Suit-up for SPRING, put on your CoolMax Athletic Support Socks
Yes, Golfers, Bikers, Hikers, Tennis players, Gymnastics, Casual Joggers, and most of all, the dedicated, RUNNER…wears Athletic Support Socks.

 running support socks for men and women
What do these Support Socks…do?
  • Improves Blood Circulation
Support Socks squeeze from the ankle to the knee improving blood flow and circulation.
  • Increases oxygen to the fatigue muscle tissue
The blood is flowing more freely back to your heart to get oxygenized / re-energizing your leg muscles.
  • Holds muscles, tendons and bones tight / helps prevent shin splints
Firm compression minimizes leg vibration while you pound the ground repeatedly, putting less stress on your legs.
  • Helps prevent Lactic Acid build-up
It’s all about good oxygenized blood circulation to re-energize, providing less fatigue and discomfort.
  • Reduces aching legs and feet
No more soaking or massaging your legs and feet after the run, benefits last beyond the workout.
  •  Boost performance and recovery
Wearing Compression Athletic Socks improves all the above!

Whether you are trying to ease the symptoms for a faster recovery or looking to get an edge on the competition…COMPRESSION…can Help!!

Helpful hints to get the most out of your athletic compression socks:
1.     Choose your socks wisely. Like any athletic or running gear…choose quality products…durable that will last, and can make a difference.

2.     Look for an athletic sock with a compression between 15-30mmHg, otherwise you won’t see much benefit.
       A good example of a “quality sport compression sock” is the Therafirm “CoolMax” Sock.

3.     Get the correct size. A good compression sock will not be sized just by the sock size.
        You must get the (ankle and calf) measurements to ensure the proper fit. See the (size guide) how to measure and choose the proper size.

You may want to check out our (2) very popular quality (Athletic Socks) both are (Cushioned Foot) for active athletics.

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coolmax socks for men and women                                                                   the natural crew running socks        
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