Two Natural Remedies – HELPED my Painful Knees and Fatigued Legs!

Two “old fashion” natural Remedies that WORK!! 

I’m a retired gentleman, 71 years old and I felt I had to tell my story, so others can hopefully benefit from my experience.

I was working around my home and fell off a scaffold about 15 feet, 3 years ago. I landed on my hands and feet, fractured my arm and was busied quite a bit. Months later my knees started bothering me, even though at the time of the fall I did not break or facture my knee.

I’ve tried all sorts of ointments and rubs, mornings and night for relief, nothing helped. I don’t believe in getting hooked on pain meds and worry about all the side effects they can cause. I wanted to help myself with “natural” healing products if possible.

Through research and reading I have finally got relief “naturally” by using two OLD natural remedies.

I first experimented with Epsom Salt soaks. I read up about the good effects it has on joint pain, edema, inflammation and blood circulation, which were some of the exact symptoms I was having.

3-times a week, I give my knee’s a soaking in EPSOM SALT. In the tub I run just enough warm to hot water to cover my legs fully. I use 3 cups of Epsom Salt according to my weight, and soak for 20 minutes. The magnesium sulfate in the Epsom Salt works to improve circulation and reduce swelling. The salt easily absorbs through the skin, giving me “immediate” relief from the swelling and the pain in my knees.

The second – natural remedy – is wearing light support socks on a daily basis. In my research, I found article after article about the “good effects” wearing support socks. I wear socks on a daily basis anyway, so why not wear support socks that make my legs and feet feel good all day long. I ask my primary doctor, he suggested going with a light weight support sock.

You might ask, how does the support socks help my knees? I learned support socks are all about graduated compression to improve blood circulation. The compressed squeeze the socks gives to your ankle and calf, provides better blood flow going up your legs, allowing more oxygen in the blood for healing of joints and relief of pain even in my knees. I wear the 15-20 mmHg which is considered a light compression level. These socks actually energize my legs and feet. My legs don’t feel tired and fatigued at the end of my day, like they once did.

That’s my story, I hope you can reap the benefits as I did. Why not give it try! These are (2) cheap and pure simply natural remedies, that changed the “quality of my life” for the good!!

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