What's the BIG DEAL about Latex Free?

What exactly is Latex!
Latex is a natural substance that comes from the rubber tree. Latex can be used in textiles. There is two forms, dry natural rubber and natural rubber latex.

Natural rubber latex comes from the sap of the rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis, found in Africa and Southeast Asia. Allergic reactions to products made with latex develop in persons who become allergic (or sensitized) to proteins contained in natural rubber latex. Natural rubber latex should not be confused with synthetic rubber made from chemicals. Synthetic rubber products, including “latex” house paints, are not made with natural latex and do not trigger allergic reactions in people who are allergic to products made with natural rubber latex. Latex is a growing dramatic health problem, for alot of people who are allergic to and latex-sensitive.

Latex is EVERYWHERE!!!  
What product contain natural rubber Latex? 

Latex is a common component of many medical and dental supplies.
* disposable gloves
* dental dams
* airway and intravenous tubing
* syringes
* stethoscopes
* catheters
* dressings and bandages

Other widespread Latex products includes:
* tires
* handbags
* balloons
* condoms
* athletic shoes
* compression stockings 
* elastic in waistbands...such as underwear, leggins, diapers
* rubber toys
* rubber nipples
* baby bottles
* baby pacifiers
* remote control buttons
* carpet backing

Some of the above products can occur either by:
* Direct Contact: The most common cause of latex allergy involves touching latex-containing products
* Inhalation Contact: Alot of latex products, especially some medical gloves that shed latex particles, which you breathe in when these particles become airborne.

What are some latex allergy symptoms?

* Latex allergies can cause reactions ranging from - contact dermatitis - immediate itching, swelling and redness of the skin - to hives.
* It can cause asthma symptoms of wheezing, chest tightnesss and difficulty breathing.
* The most severe latedx allergy can result in anaphylaxis, a very serious allerigic reaction involving severe breathing difficulty and/or fall in blood pressures or full-blown anaphylactic shock in severe cases. If you have severe symptoms, call your doctor or 911 immediately, or go to the nearest emergency room.

Who are most likely at Risk?
Because medical offices have many rubber products that are used on a daily bases, this is causing many health-care workers problems, it can be a direct carrer-change, also an career-ending ailment. The problem has become so widespread, that the Food and Drug Administration is considering mandatory warnings on medical products that contain latex.
These people are most likely at Risk:
 health care workers: doctors, nurses, surgical staff, dentists, dental hygienists, emergency medical services personnel, lab technicians
* workers in latex rubber industry (tire factorys, rubber manufactoring and glove manufacturing)
* people who undgo frequent medical procedures
* housekeeping staff working in health care facilities
* food service workers
children with spina fifida or muliple surgeries at an early age
* Muliple allergy sufferers
* child care providers
hair dressers
fire fighters and law enforcement professionals

Yes, a simple thing like "latex" can cause serious health problems even at an early age and later in life. This information is to educate you and your family. Take notice of the symtoms and area's in your life where you could be in contain with latex.

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Blog Written by Gwen Marion our Certified Fitting Specialists on March 24, 2017