Why Is It Recommended to Wear Compression Stockings After Surgery?

If you just had (Vein Surgery), many doctors prescribe Compression Stockings…also known as Support Stockings. These stockings help with conditions affecting the blood circulation in the legs. This is a normal procedure where you need to wear your Compression Stockings for several days or even weeks afterwards, depending on your health and the type of vein surgery you had.

Even (Long-Term) use of Compression Stockings may be recommended after leg (Vein Surgery) to prevent the condition from developing again. Also the stockings are used for Post DVT procedures, to prevent blood clots in the legs after surgery.

How does Compression Stockings actually work?  
These Graduated Compression Stockings apply pressure at the ankle, which is the greatest compression needed, that systematically decreases up the stocking length, which keeps proper venous blood flow in the legs. This unique pressure prevents (back-flow) and (stagnation of blood) in the lower extremities of the legs that can cause clotting and swelling.

Another important reason doctors prescribe the compression stockings is protecting the incision that may be closed with staples, sutures and secured bandages. If you want (noticeable better results), be resolute and wear them every day when you first get up until bedtime.

A worthy note, wearing compression stockings or socks is vital for the treatment or prevention of varicose veins and other circulatory problems, especially for individuals who are at risk.

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Written by admin on September 2, 2014