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  • Get access to expert help (certified fitting specialists), who are waiting for your call @ 844-629-9642
  • Find the compression level you need
  • Select from industry-leading brands
  • Ships with 24-hours / Everyday Free Shipping
  • Get fast relief & support
  • Experience the friendly, dedicated service you deserve
  • Made in USA compression stockings & socks
  • Easy online access – visit Rescue Legs Compression Socks

We specialize in exactly what your doctor recommends – Compression stockings and socks for both men and women, designed to improve blood circulation while relieving your tired, swollen, and achy legs & feet. Due to unforeseeable medical conditions, lifestyle practices, or injury, millions of people suffer from poor circulation, varicose and spider veins, diabetes, and/or lymphedema. All of which can lead to discomfort from tired and aching legs & feet. Rescue Legs is here to provide you with medically approved, laboratory tested, and FDA Certified Latex Free compression socks and hosiery.

We offer a vast selection of Made in USA compression stockings, including men’s and women’s support stockings, athletic support socks, trouser socks, diabetic socks, TED like anti-embolism stockings, and sheer support stockings in a complete range of compression levels. Note the findings in the conclusion of the article regarding Class 1 / 20-30mmHg compression level recommended by most physicians. Note this comparative study done in a Clinical Trial revealed in Dec 22,2003 PubMed article named: Efficacy of Class 1 elastic compression stockings in the early stages of chronic venous disease. A comparative study – PubMed (nih.gov). Conclusion: The regular wearing of Class 1 graduated elastic compression stockings during a 15-day period results in a significant improvement in the symptomatology of early-stage chronic venous disease, i.e., in the relief of global painful discomfort as well as in quality-of-life criteria. A high level of patient compliance in the wearing of the stockings was achieved in this study.

To assure our customers and patient compliance, Rescue Legs offers the larger individuals, plus size and big sizes including Extra, Extra Large 2XL, 3XL and Queen size. Rescue Legs has been a long-time provider of compression stockings for big legs. See our custom compression stocking size charts providing the leg measurement to refer to for an exact proper fit.

Over the years our customers have raved about our huge selection, economical prices, leading quality, and fast, friendly service and easy online access. We are confident that once you try Rescue Legs, you will too. Buy support stockings online, we make it Easy! We have also recently added compression arm sleeves, gloves, and gauntlets.

Choose Rescue Legs now and begin living healthier today!

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