WHY and WHO…Wears Graduated Compression Socks and Stockings?

Everyday workers wear graduated compression socks

People wear graduated compression Socks and Stockings for variety of reasons, depending on your NEED & SYMPTOMS you are experiencing. You can wear graduated compression socks and stockings all day, every day. Compression stockings are intended to be worn for long periods of time if needed. In fact, these individuals Who wear them daily, know and appreciate the benefits they receive for health benefits.


  • Some people wear compression Socks for medical reasons. One widely prominent reason is Lymphedema and Chronic Venous Insufficiency. For these conditions, usually means your medical physician has prescribed compression stockings. Compression stockings (works) for that condition, to help control swelling in your legs to improve blood circulation. Some may have to wear compression stockings for several years, in many cases, the rest of your life. This depends on your condition and diagnosis.
Long Distance Traveling
For Travel wear graduated compression socks – Helps PREVENT DVT.
  • Some people Travel a lot, such as flight attendants, pilots, bus drivers, truck drivers, train attendants and everyday people traveling long distance.  For these individuals, they want to be proactive to prevent DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). Which can lead to blood clots in the lower legs because of their (immobility) while traveling. Natalie EvansMD, is a vascular medicine physician and medical director for regional vascular laboratories of University Hospitals Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute. Dr. Evans provides patient information about vascular diseases in an article posted, https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1177/1358863×14529007. The article was on Venous Thromboembolism and Pulmonary Embolus. Dr. Evans noted in this article “Prevention is important both before and after any event that increases the risk for venous thromboembolism. Sitting for extended periods, such as on a long plane or car trip, can also lead to blood clots, even in healthy people. You should walk around at least once per hour on long trips. You should avoid alcohol and caffeine and stay hydrated by drinking extra fluids. Your doctor may want you to take blood thinners. Or ask you to wear special socks called graduated compression stockings if you are already at risk for venous thromboembolism.”
  • Some people are recovering from surgery. Your surgeon recommends wearing compression stockings because your either bed ridden or recovering and will be less mobile after surgery. Your doctor wants to prevent blood clots from developing in the leg. Again, DVT could be a RISK, compression stockings Helps prevent blood clots from developing resulting in Deep Vein Thrombosis. After days and weeks have passed after surgery, you are able to be move around more freely. Then, wearing compression socks may not be needed, your muscles in your legs are pumping your blood back to your heart in a normal fashion.
Maternity Compression Pantyhose / Tights
Protect your legs from varicose veins –
wear maternity compression stockings
  • Pregnant women do not want to develop bugling varicose veins, which is common and hereditary for many pregnant women.  The legs are caring more weigh as the baby grows, also fluid retention can be a problem. It’s a fact, wearing compression stockings helps.
  • Some people are standing on their feet, Long HOURS night and day shifts. Compression socks and stockings helps alleviate discomfort and fatigue energizing your feet and legs to get your through those Long HOURS.

For these reasons, be SAFE, if you have a medical condition, we recommend asking your doctor or a medical professional.  Too, your doctor knows your medical history. He knows the compression stocking and the level of compression to treat your symptoms for your health and well-being.

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