Wishing All of You a Happy NEW YEAR!!

Happy New Year

Spreading Good Cheer and Best Wishes for a Wonderful and Happy “NEW YEAR” from all of us here at RescueLegs.com.

We are grateful for our loyal repeat customers and we appreciate the trust you place in us for so many years. We also want to thank the many vascular doctors, cardiologists and physicians that refer their patients to us to help and assist in providing a proper fit, when buying our quality compression stockings and socks.

compressions leg wear

We also wish you a very happy, very prosperous, very healthy new year with healthy legs.

At rescuelegs.com, the health of your legs, is our priority. We hope you will call us, so our friendly certified fitters can offer expertise to help you find the proper stocking and socks to help relieve any vascular leg discomfort you may have.

Please call our toll free # 844-629-9642 we will be waiting to assist you.

Posted by Management Dec 30th 2017

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