WOW, What a difference Support Socks has made, in my everyday Quality of Life!

Men & Women's Black Travel Support Socks

If you had told me 30 days ago, this change could make such a difference…I would have said that’s “nonsense.”  It all started when a friend of mine, was telling me he wore  men’s support socks on a daily base, and the difference they made him feel at the end of the day. We both sit behind a desk 7 to 8 hours a day. He said the socks has been a life changing experience for him, for the BETTER.

I researched some of my symptoms.

  • Low levels of energy
  • Leg numbness and heaviness
  • Slight puffiness and swelling in my ankles
  • Sluggish, Tired, and unable to focus by mid-day

My findings did support the facts and the benefits of wearing compression socks.

So I thought – what the heck – I’ll give these support socks a try.

Compression Leg Wear

I researched the web and found this one website, that advertised a professional “certified fitter” to answer any questions I may have. I called and the lady listened to my concerns and asked questions. She explained how the support socks worked, providing graduated compression, how giving greater compression at the ankle and less compression at the calf compressed the blood vessels, keeping them more open for better blood circulation. It was interesting to hear how the circular cycle of the blood provides more “oxygen” in the blood, which travels to the muscles and cells for healing and every day wellness. She explained how the blood flow and the oxygen levels in our blood is so important.

All my symptoms of low levels of energy, sluggish and tired feeling and most of all, the swelling in my ankles could be a vascular problem. She suggested trying a light 15-20 mmHg compression level. I’ve been wearing these support socks for a month now. My job performance, my quality of life and yes even my “golf score” has improved?? It was the definitely the RIGHT decision!! Check it out… offers Men’s and Women’s support socks for everyday wear and relief.

Meantime, I was encouraged, to call my primary doctor to discuss all my symptoms for further review. She stressed also the importance of getting up, and walking periodically to get my leg muscles working, to help my blood circulation in my legs.

Written by Sebastian Caldwell on 09-06-2017

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