YES – My Silver Yarn Socks – Helped my Swollen Legs & my Sweaty Feet!

Couture graduated compression silver yarn socks

We all have our everyday routines. During that day we want our legs and feet to be at their Best! If your day consist of swollen legs and feet. Your feet sweat a lot and smell bad at the end of the day. And one of the more unpleasant moments after a long day, is when we kick off our shoes and this unpleasant distinct smell of sweaty feet greets us!!

Cooper Socks most people have heard about. Silver has similar antibacterial properties. However, Silver treats, protects, and prevents and is used by physicians more. Silver is a powerful natural antimicrobial, used worldwide by physicians in medicine as an antibiotic for various germs. Silver can help heal and treat infections and wounds more quickly. Another vital use for silver is the thermal conductive aspect – wicking away excess heat and sweat away from the body. Some individuals sweat more than others. Our feet have a lot of sweat glands. According to Dr. Mary Harding in an article series named Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)  I quote “In a pair of feet there are normally about 250,000 sweat glands which typically produce about half a pint of perspiration a day. Sweat glands are more concentrated on the feet than in any other part of the body.” Our feet are enclosed and stuck in shoes during the day, which can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Sweating extensively and can cause additional foot problems, especially on hot and sweaty days.

We can HELP!

By wearingsilver yarn” compression socks. You are probably asking how do they work…?  Our Couture socks by Carolon Company are embedded with 99.9 % pure “Smart Silver Yarns” in the foot area, which helps your feet stay DRY, CLEAN and HEALTHY! Carolon Co. focuses on the sole of the foot, where most of our sweat glands are.

Couture’s innovative Smart Sliver Technology provides extra Comfort for the FOOT – providing:

  • Anti-Microbial – Odor Control
    Made with 99.9% pure Smart silver yarns helps control and protect the fabric from the growth of Oder-causing bacteria, fungus, and skin conditions, such as dermatitis. Thanks to SILVER’S anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and with the anti-itch properties provide better healthy feet.
  • Moisture-Wicking-Comfort
    Micro-Fiber 99.9% pure Smart silver yarns wicks away (sweat/moisture) w-Natural temperature regulating properties, to keep your feet Fresh, Cool and Dry for Extra Comfort.
  • Permanent
    Micro-Fiber 99.9% pure Smart Silver is embedded into the yarns, will not wash or wear out. Performs for the life of the product

We cannot forget the graduated compression in the socks, that improves blood circulation of the legs and feet to reduce swelling and helps prevent tired, achy legs.

Here are some of our favorite silver compression socks!

Couture Silver Yarn Dress Socks 15-20mmHg
Couture Silver Yarn Knee 20-30mmHg Knee Highs
Couture Silver Yarn – Cushion Foot Sock 20-30mmHg

In conclusion, if you have swollen legs and sweaty feet. Wearing our Couture graduated compression “silver yarn” socks are made to be “lived in” for your everyday routines and overall health!

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