Maternity Pantyhose

Maternity Pantyhose

The Natural® Brand - Sheer Support Maternity Pantyhose

Our maternity sheer support pantyhose are designed for expectant mothers who are active and have careers. They feature a one-inch plush comfortable stretchy waistband, expanding tummy pouch; grows as you grow, soft stretchy panty area with a ventilating cotton crotch panel for extra comfort. Pregnancy can create physiological changes and stress on a woman's body, such as added weight and fluid retention which can weaken the veins in the legs, limiting their ability to bring blood back up to the heart, causing swollen legs, spider veins and even varicose veins.

The Natural® brand sheer support maternity pantyhose provides the needed support to gently squeeze the lower extremies of the legs, with more pressure at the ankle, making it easier to force blood back to the heart, to improve blood circulation to help prevent tired aching swollen legs and feet, spider veins and varicose veins from developing.

You and your growing baby will have a more enjoyable experience, feeling the needed sheer support you body needs!