Thigh Highs

The Natural® Brand  - Sheer - Thigh High Compression Stockings

If you're an active, on the go career fashion concious woman, you'll love this sheer support hoisery. Looking at them, you would never know they are a compression stocking. The elegant sheerness is an attractive feature and style of it's own. The Natural® brand sheer compression thigh high stockings, are comfortable, stylish and provide the support needed to improve blood circulation to help prevent swollen legs and feet and varicose veins. Our sheer is a quality graduated compression stocking in a mild 8-15 compression, 15-20  light compression and 20-30 mmHg firm compression. We offer 2XL Large for our plus size women, to assure a more comfortable proper fit, for women with larger upper thighs.

You won't believe the difference they make, at the end of the day.