You Could be the NEXT Victim when you Travel Long Distance!!

What do you mean, I could be the next victimIt sounds SACREY doesn't it!! 

One in 10 people who travel (long distance flights) develop blood clots according to scientists, (sitting still for long periods increase risk).
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We try reminding our readers a couple of times during the Travel Months, how important it is to wear Travel Support Socks or Stockings for the health of your legs, especially when you travel long distance. It's all about providing support to your legs for good blood circulation. Yes, wearing support stockings for circulation. WHY, Because, they really WORK!! We want to educate you about (DVT) Deep Vein Thrombosis. Deep Venous Thrombosis occurs when a blood clot develops inside the veins located in the legs of pelvis and blocks blood flow, causing pressure to build within the vein.
DVT usually happens after blood flow to the legs is (restricted) by long periods of inactivity, a good example is, during a long flight, extend bus or train ride and long distance truckers. The concern is that a piece of the clot can break off and travel to the lungs, this is called “pulmonary embolism.”
A recent study was conducted using 20 individuals, 10 with risk for venous thrombosis and 10 without risks. They flew from Vienna to Washington and 2 days later returned to Vienna. Measurements of the legs were taken between the 5th and 8th hour in the flight to Vienna and 1 day and 3 days after completion of their travel. There was a significant increase in the volume of the legs caused by edema (swelling of the legs) and they remained swollen 1 day after they arrived in Vienna, Big RISK of DVT.
If you’re planning a (long distance) trip, especially flying, for your health and well-being consider wearing of Travel socks or Travel stockings, to minimize the risk of embolisms and the risk of DVT. It's been suggested, even to continue to wear your Travel Support Stockings the next day after your arrival at your destination, to ensure your legs have good circulation.
You may ask: What compression level is needed?

For individuals who have (no problems with circulation) in their legs, 15-20mmHg Travel Socks is adequate.
For individuals who already predisposed to leg problems, 20-30mmHg stockings or socks is a must.

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Be Smart for your health & well being, Enjoy your travels!
Written by gwen m. 081414