Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common Questions that are ask frequently that may help educate and enlighten you about our products and the health of your Legs. can help relief and reduce problems such as chronic venous insufficiency, tired, aching, swollen feet and legs with a wide range of 100% medically approved premium quality compression stockings and socks designed promote active blood circulation. We are also known for our big sizes for Men and Plus sizes for Women including 2XL / 3XL Large and Queen Size.

You may ask…What are the early warning signs and causes related to the many minor and more serious leg pain problems?

Early warning signs of venous disorders include tired, aching, heavy or swollen legs and feet. Ruptured spider veins may appear immediately below the skin usually around the calf area and upper thigh.

It’s all about getting your blood circulation moving in the lower extremities of your legs. Over time the valves in your veins can become strained and allow blood to pool in your lower legs. Your veins have the uphill battle of returning blood back to your lungs and heart for re-oxygenation…this is where the Compression Stockings come to the Rescue.

You may ask…How can Support Stockings / Compression Stockings / Support Socks help?

Light Support Stockings and Compression Stockings can prevent this swelling if worn regularly.

Support Stockings / Compression Stockings are elasticized hosiery that promotes circulation by putting gradient pressure on the veins. This improves the flow of blood back to the heart, reducing swelling, tiredness and the aching of the legs and feet.

The “elasticized affect” is the graduated compression. The first time you slip a pair of Support Stockings / Support Socks, you’ll feel a gentle squeeze on the ankle. Don’t worry, this is normal. They steadily squeeze/massage pressure on your legs, helping veins and leg muscles move blood more efficiently, so your legs will feel pampered and refreshed all day.

You may ask…What is the Difference between Support Stockings and Compression Stockings? 

Wearing Support Stockings is often the first approach to try before moving to other treatments for many minor and more serious leg pain problems.

Support Stockings are generally light compression stockings whose compression level is below 20mmHg.

Support Stockings are recommended for relief of tired legs, mild swelling, spider veins, and as prevention for patients at risk for developing varicose veins. 

Compression Stockings are generally indicated for “more serious venous diseases” such as acute leg/ankle swelling, varicose veins, chronic vein insufficiency and deep vein thrombosis whose compression level is 20-30mmHg and above.

You may ask…What are my choices in choosing the right Compression Stockings for my lifestyle? is honored to represent and offer the complete line and brand The NaturalThe Natural brand provides different stockings and socks for various lifestyes.
Our selection of Sheer stockings is one of our most popular lines for the Career Lady, that’s on the Go! Comes in a variety of colors and Queen and Plus Sizes.
Our selection of Trouser and Casual Socks are 

There are many choices…the Venosan LegLine Sheer Support Stockings is one of our most popular lines for the career lady, that’s on the Go! Comes in a variety of colors and Queen and Plus Sizes.

You may ask…What is Graduated Compression Therapy?

Graduated compression therapy is the "Gold Standard" in the conservative treatment of venous disease. In order to be effective, legwear used to provide graduated compression therapy must be knitted so that they are graduated; meaning they must exert their highest pressure, measured in mmHg, at the ankle and that pressure must decrease proximally (up the leg).

Veins in the legs literally move blood back to the heart through a series of valves that open and close, with muscle contraction preventing backward flow of blood. A multitude of problems: age, disease, heredity, overweight, as well as prolonged sitting or standing can cause these valves to malfunction, allowing blood to pool in the lower legs. The result is pain, swelling, and stagnation of the blood.


CAROLON, COUTUREJOBST & THE NATURAL legwear is scientifically designed to apply decreasing pressure from the ankle up the leg, This controlled pressure compresses surface veins, keeping them small and forcing blood to deeper veins in the legs. This process accelerates the velocity of blood flow to the heart and ends pooling of the blood, thus assuring healthier feet and legs.

Legwear that provides graduated compression therapy is used to prevent mild varicosities and edema, as well as the treatment of severe cases of chronic venous insufficiency, including the prevention of the recurrence of venous stasis ulcers.

Graduated Compression Medical Hosiery has been effectively used in therapeutic treatments for over fifty years throughout the world!

Graduated Compression Therapy hosiery is routinely prescribed for...

  • Chronic pain and swelling of the feet and legs.
  • Serious Edema
  • Mild and Intense cases of discolored legs from Varicose Veins
  • Dangerous skin ulcerations
  • Mild and Intense Venous Insufficiency

...and millions of men and women use light graduated compression legwear to relieve leg and foot pain and fatigue caused by both prolonged sitting and standing!.

You may ask…Are your Compression Stockings & Socks...Latex Free?

We offer the most widely used Brands for our valued customers - Carolon, JobstCouture & The Natural and Yes (all) our Compression Stockings & Socks are Latex Free!!