ATS Anti-Embolism Adjustable Thigh High - Big Size

Carolon patented ATS Adjustable thigh high anti-embolism stockings improves circulation, reducing the risk of blood clots (embolism) to reduce swelling. If you have larger, fuller, extra large upper thigh's, you will appreciate the accurate lightweight ATS Anti Embolism adjustable thigh high stockings fitting up to 39 inches on your upper thigh. Made to wear over bandages after surgery or when edema / swelling is present in the lower extremies of your leg. Precise compression rates are made possible by the triangular-shaped panel and VELCRO® closure that may be set for proper size. With this adjustable panel, constriction of the upper thigh is virtually eliminatedThe adjustable panel sewn into the thigh is soft, pliable and durable, which guarantee's that patients of all shapes and sizes can wear these compression stockings comfortably and without discomfort.