Is It True Compression Socks Helps with Shin Splints?

Painful Shin Splits

The word is HELPS. Yes, Compression Socks HELPS. However Compression Socks cannot cure painful shin splints or other injuries. Compression Socks can only help your injury to heal and helps prevent another injury, by providing supportive leg and ankle therapy.

You may Ask – What are Shin Splints and What Causes Shin Splint?

Shin Splints occur when the muscles and tendons around the shin bone become inflamed. Most often you will feel a dull or sharp pain in the front of the lower leg along the shinbone. Shin splints usually worsens when exercising or running. This reasoning is because of overuse or excessive force on the shin bone, which causes the inflammation and swelling of the tissue and muscles surrounding the shin bone.

Wearing Compression Socks Can Help Prevent Shin Splints

A lot of everyday “runner’s” experience shin splints. When you run, you are repeated pounding the ground. This impact, forces can put a lot of stress on your leg muscles and tendons in our lower extremities of our legs and feet.

Treatment for Shin Splints!

Good News…Shin Splints are curable and preventable. Surprisingly, shin splints may go away on their own. However, if the pain is unbearable, it would be wise to see your physician or specialist. Getting a proper professional evaluation, can hopefully help relieve the pain, for the healing process.

In the article posted According to Dr. Vishnu Seecharan, a Florida-based podiatric physician and surgeon at Luxe Podiatry. Compression socks work by “providing support and stability to decrease the strain in the muscles and bones of your lower leg.” That means while compression socks won’t magically heal your shin splints overnight, they’ll give you much-needed relief.

Part of the healing process can come from wearing Compression Socks / Stockings. You may ask – How can Compression Socks help with shin splints?

You can call it – Supportive Compression Therapy.

Wearing Compression Stockings improves the blood flow in your legs by gently squeezing and compressing the blood vessels in your legs to move blood up your legs. When wearing compression socks, you feel the most pressure or tightness at the foot and around your ankles and less pressure / compression up your legs. That’s why their called graduated compression stockings. This type of compression and extra support helps to fight the effects of gravity and assist the body in venous return (deoxygenated blood flow back to the heart). Keeping oxygenated blood flowing in the blood vessels and muscles of our legs helps reduce muscle pain, and throbbing calf muscles. This also, HELPS with the healing process associated with shin splints.

graduated compression levels when wear compression legwear
Greater Graduated Compression pressure at the foot and ankle!

Read on to understand how Compression Socks work:

  • Improves Blood Circulation

Support Socks provides a gentle massage to your muscles and squeeze veins from the ankle to the calf to promote and increase good blood flow and circulation.

  • Increases oxygen to post-exercise fatigue muscle tissue soreness and helps to prevent leg cramping.

The blood is flowing more freely back to your heart to get oxygenized / with more oxygen to re-energizing and help heal any injury to your leg muscles.

  • Holds muscles, tendons and bones tight, helping prevent soft tissue damage such as shin splints.

Firm compression minimizes leg jarring and vibration while you pound the ground repeatedly, putting less stress on your legs.

According to a recent study, the consistent compression can dilate the walls of the arteries. This results in an increased blood flow through them to the different body parts. The compression supplied by the socks, holds the bones, muscles and tendons tightly together, decreasing muscle vibrations. If you’re a “runner” or on your legs and feet long hours, wearing compression socks helps reduce everyday muscle fatigue and aching legs and feet significantly!!

Wearing Compression Socks can Help Prevent Shin Splints
Compression Socks Can Help with Shin Splints

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