Why do my Varicose Veins HURT so much?

Our lifestyles could be influencing the way our legs feel on a daily base. Also excess weight gain or sitting or standing for long periods of time, could affect our vascular leg circulation.

When our varicose veins are causing you PAIN, your body is trying to tell you something is not right with your blood vessels.

DON’T IGNORE VARICOSE VEINS. To heed the message your body is sending you, call your local vein doctor, let the experts examine your legs at the vein clinic for a personalized outline of varicose vein treatment options that is best for your specific condition.

Our veins direct blood back to your heart and lungs to be Re-Oxygenated and gather nutrients your body needs to grow, repair and survive. Once the returned blood collects oxygen and nutrients, it is pumped out to the furthers reaches of your body, your lower extremities such as your legs, feet and toes. However, if you have VARICOSE VEINS, they interrupt this normal circulatory process. When you do not have good blood flow and your blood “backs up” in your veins this causes Varicose Veins. This condition is typically due to weakened or malfunctioning valves with the veins. The weaken valves allow the blood to leak downwards and pool in the vein.

So this where the PAIN starts:

Because your varicose veins are feeling “pressure” and become painful, you may feel”

  • Tired, fatigued legs
  • Restless legs
  • Aching, Itching legs
  • Leg and ankle swelling (edema)
  • Pin and needles sensations,
  • Burning pain or numbness
  • Cramping, heavy tingling feeling
  • Non-healing wounds of leg sores

Your enlarged bulging varicose veins are interrupting good blood circulation, this blocked pooled blood is backed up inside diseased veins. Your veins may turn blue, red or purple and raise above the surface of the skin, even though these varicose veins are located deep with the tissue usually in the lower legs.

As a WARNING…if and when you are feeling and seeing even some of these symptoms, you should seek Expert HELP and proper CARE, left untreated can lead to more serious health problems.

Varicose Veins are very common, the GOOD NEWS is, in most cases, they’re also relatively EASY to treat. Today many patients can get back to their normal routines right after their treatment, with some precautions, like strenuous physical activity for a couple of weeks while they heal.

After treatment, this is where we can Help. Most doctors will ask their patients to wear post operative surgical hose. The psysician will either perscribe, below the knee stocking or upper thigh stocking, depending on the particular treatment given.

You may ask, what good comes from wearing the compression stockings for a few weeks after surgery?
Most doctors prescribe patient compression stockings after surgery, to protect the incision that may be closed with staples, sutures and secured bandages. If you want (noticeable better results), be resolute and wear them every day when you first get up until bedtime. Many individuals wear compression socks on a daily base, just because they make their legs and feet feel better and they feel more energized throughout the day.

Feel free to call our Toll Free # at 1-844-629-9642 and one of our Certified Fitting Specialists will gladly help you with the right and proper fit.
We offer quality made comfortable compression stockings that can help you stay true to your health and wellbeing of your legs.

First and foremost, call for a consultation, most all towns have Vascular Medical Centers. Call and set up an appointment with your local vascular doctor, who can offer you custom care solutions for your circulatory condition and needs.

Written by our certified fitting specialists / Gwen / 02-2019

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