Extra Firm 30-40 mmHg

30-40 mmHg Extra Firm Compression Level

30-40 mmHg graduated compression level is considered a extra firm compression, some doctors refer to as Class 2 Compression, to enhance venous circulation to get your blood circulating more efficiantly. After most vascular surgeries such as Venous Closure, Laser Ablation, Vein Stripping and Ambulatory Phebectomy procedures doctors recommend 30-40 mmHg graduated compression stockings. This level of compression stockings are mostly used to combat diseases like “lymphedema” and chronic severe venous insufficiency, which occurs when damaged values in the leg’s lead to blood pooling in the leg, causing much pain…which can lead to skin damage and leg ulcers, if not treated. Also helps prevent the recurrence of Venous Stasis Ulcers, while helping soothe your tired, edema / aching swollen legs / and feet for all-day therapy. These stockings should be used by the direction of your physician.

Feel the medical benefits and value, wearing our extra firm compression legwear.

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