Compression Stockings with ZIPPER – Is the Answer??

zipper compression stocking

All these TV ad’s and commercials advertising Zipper Compression Stockings, makes it seem and look so easy, no struggling, the zipper just glides up the leg – Wow – Life is Good!! We are asked weekly – Do you carry stockings with a Zipper? There are a few manufacturer’s that do make zipper compression stockings. However, there’s more compression stockings companies that don’t make the zipper compression stockings, for various reasons.

Reality Facts

Let us fill you in on some of the downfalls and before you Rush and call and order these Magical Zipper Compression Stockings.

  • Its takes 3 hands to put them on – think about it – the stockings are medical pressure so they are tight fitting because they are compression, you need to keep the fabric together so you can pull the zipper up.  Very Difficult to do!
  • The Stockings must be made of really extra thick and strong fabric, to withstand the pulling and the compression that’s knit into the fabric, with pulling of the zipper.
  • The zipper needs to have a long zipper pull. If the zipper pull is too short, it slips through your fingers while pulling, and at same time – keeping the stocking pulled together to get it zipped.
  • The zipper must be able to (lock) if not – it can come completely unzipped.
  • Zipper must have a fabric flap behind the zipper, to protect the skin.

The Zipper – used in Compression Stockings

  1. The zipper can pinch your leg while pulling on the zipper and trying to keep the stocking pull together to get zipped.
  2. The zipper leaves painful (indentation marks) in the swollen legs – can damage the skin.
  3. The zipper leaves bruises and makes the leg sore and painful to touch.
  4. If you have hairy legs – The Zipper gets caught in the hairs – Wow that’s Painful!
  5. The zipper is constantly rubbing against your skin – causing rawness and pain.

Yes, compression socks and stockings ARE hard to get on –  if they were not – they would not be true medical compression stockings. That’s WHY these TV AD’S are so popular. If is sounds (too good to be true) – it probably is!

Remember, it’s all about the health of your legs. Using compression stockings / socks could SAVE YOUR LIFE. So don’t give up, don’t get frustrated, because you dread the everyday routine of wearing compression socks. In order, for the compression socks / stockings to work properly to improve your blood circulation and reduce inflammation and swelling, they need to fit properly.

The FIT – is the Magic Key!

It’s important to get the RIGHT size. Also, choose the RIGHT compression level / pressure, to improve blood circulation for preventive care, and for the healing process. We make it EASY! Rescue Legs has alternatives, offering velcro compression stockings and The Natural Brand – Two Way Stretch. These stockings are breathable, light and comfortable stockings for everyday wear. In one day, you will feel and see Results for your legs.

Carolon ATS Velcro Attachment Thigh High Stockings
Carolon ATS velcro attachment hose

Call our Certified Fitting Specialists today, they will help make sure you get the proper fit and size for the health and well being of your legs and You!

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