HISTORY of WHY Compression Stockings have been around – 100 years!!

Cool Light Weight Compression Stockings for the Hot Summer

It’s all about better blood circulation which produces more oxygen in the blood vessels for the healing process. The word Compression means “to compress.” That’s exactly what wrapping bandages and wearing compression stockings do, they compress both sides of your ankle and calf, opening up your veins for more and better blood flow and oxygen to circulate through your body, which relieves pain of swollen legs and feet.

Ancient History reveals physicians in ancient Rome and Egypt, compression therapy was used as bandages to wrap legs to bind and treat injuries.

Modern Day history reveals that true “compression garments” emerged in the late 1930’s just before World War II.


The Medical Department of the United States Army in World …

United States. Army Medical Service – 1955 stated… Sulfanilamide powder was dusted into the wounds and compression bandages were applied. … When the patient was evacuated to the Zone of Interior 29 May, his wounds were well healed and the circulation in the right leg appeared entirely normal. 

War Times – Used Compression Bandages

Sahib N. Muminagić – 1997 – ‎Snippet view…

The pressure and weight load can be simulated by pressure to the support or it is done by the therapist manually. … It has good influence on maintenance and tonus of the muscles and gradual decrease of swelling. It starts with the very first bandage of the amputation wound with a slight degree of flap compression amputation are exposed to much greater consumption of energy, and the persons with bilateral above knee prosthetic device spend four times greater quantity of energy.

Mitchel P. Goldman – 1995 – ‎Snippet view…

Hanes Alive is a readily available support panty hose that provides a nongraduated compression of 8 mm Hg. Jobst … Conrad Jobst, inventor and engineer, designed and patented the graduated compression stocking in the 1940’s and 1950’s in the United States.

It was in the 1950’s when Americans started to understand the benefits of wearing compression stockings for the health of their legs. European manufacturers first emerged several years before the USA in manufacturing compression stockings. It took North America longer to appreciate the true value and benefits of wearing compression socks.

Compression socks for men and women
Compression socks for men and women relieves pain from swollen legs

We can fast forward to Modern Day advanced studies in the 1970’s and 1980’s showing numerous benefits of compression stockings and socks. The graduated compression improves blood circulation to help reduced leg soreness, relieves leg pain, leg swelling, edema, achiness from varicose veins and treatment for venous disease.

It’s so fascinating how Compression Stockings and Socks have advanced in appearance and function since the 1940’s and 1950’s. More colors, more styles, more designs – no one would ever know you were wearing a graduated compression sock?

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