Your Grandmothers compression hose verses Todays compression hose?

Compression Pantyhose

Still even today in 2017, when you mention compression hose, so many people will still say, tell me their not like those ugly hose my  – grandmother wore!!

Back in the early 1950’s, Compression support hosiery took off. The “Word” got out, that these thick elastic hosiery garments would help ease the pain of aching, swollen legs and feet. Specially designed to put more pressure on the ankle and graduated less pressure up the leg, to help improve and return blood flow to the heart, making your legs feel much better. Yes, compression hose and support socks can improve your overall health.

This older product was likely made from natural rubber and nylon yarns. This type of thick hosiery was uncomfortable, hot and unattractive; they definitely did not make a “fashion statement,” in fact some might say “ugly fire hose” was more appropriate words for them!

Compression Pantyhose / Tights

Wow, how all that has changed!!

Now you see models and even cheerleaders wearing support tights and leggings. Yes, after 60 years of laboratory testing and development, there’s a huge variety of attractive products on the market and in the hosiery industry. These different styles offered now can appeal to all types of individuals with various levels of medical levels and performance or individuals just wanting their legs to feel better.

Not only is there the hosiery type, now men and women enjoy the compression hose and support socks. At one time there was only one type of yarn and one ugly beige color, now there’s microfiber soft nylon and mixed yarns for extra softness and comfort with cotton and wool for warmth. Coolmax® for moisture control, keeping your feet cool and dry. Now there’s a variety of sports athletic support socks with crazy colors and stripes and patterns, made specially with sports team colors. For the more traditional business world, there’s the sheer selection of knee highsthigh highs and pantyhose / tights for the career women and the ribbed design microfiber trouser socks for business man with a broad variety of compression levels to meet your medical and comfort needs for your legs.

If you have a medical problem requiring you to wear support hosiery or socks, you have a good idea how this amazing product works. What you may not know, is that wearing support socks can be good for anyone that can use some additional support therapy for their legs and feet. If are an individual that works and stands all day, or one that sits at a desk all day, these support stockings / socks can help your legs feel better, providing good blood flow and oxygen for your legs and also reduce swelling in the feet and legs at the end of the day.

Do you want to make your legs feel better at the end of the day, and have more energy? Sure you do! Start out and try our light support socks / stockings, you won’t believe the difference they will make! We offer many styles and we have affordable low prices with free shipping.

Wearing compression hosiery garments in the 21st Century is a Breeze!!!

Written by Gwen Marion our “Certified Fitting Specialists” on November 05, 2017

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